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Lapith Bhumharit

Brand and Marketing Campaign Management

38 ans - TOULOUSE (31000) France

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De 6 à 10 ans
moins de 10K€
09 Ariège, 12 Aveyron, 31 Haute-Garonne, 32 Gers, 46 Lot, 65 Hautes-Pyrénées, 81 Tarn, 82 Tarn-et-Garonne - Irlande
- Responsable du marketing
- Conseil auprès de la direction générale
- Activités des agences de publicité


To see the world in grain of sand and heaven in wildflower,
To hold infinity in a palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.
- William Blake.

Many years passed after joining Advertising industry, the great essence I scooped out of it was the power of Ideas that could transform and communicate common sense of human's need in meaningful and sophisticated way. I have learnt the craft of Marketing and Brand campaign management skill, by endured long hour working, countless rejection, strategic thinking to cope with endless negotiation in many direction at once. These experiences helped forced me to have managing skill at common sense level.

I believe that I have equipped with business operating skill and entrepreneurial mindset. I decided to go further into the centre of the business competition by pursuing another Master Degree in MIT (Marketing in Innovation Technology) in Toulouse, France.

I hope to exchange my knowledge of Branding and Marketing to make Innovation seamlessly approachable in the fast moving world of business.

Mankind across the globe shares basic needs but what is the most seamless solution at the same state of cognitive level. I would like to learn that skill on how to find them.

Here is my page for what I collecting as inspiration for my work.

Expérience professionnelle

Account director


De Août 2013 à Août 2014

Formations complémentaires


Assumption University - Business Administration

2012 à 2013

Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism managment

ERC insitute - Hotel management

2006 à 2007

Parcours officiels

TSM – Master 2 – Marketing – 2015 – Master 2 mention Marketing Vente - parcours International Marketing


Brand and Marketing campaign management
Global Advertising Agency and Marketing Communication exeperiences

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  • -Marketing and Brand campaign Management -Marketing Strategy development -Marketing communication strategy development -Digital Marketing strategy development -Digital Marketing communication campaign management