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Morpheus Cup 2017

Morpheus Cup is the unique European Universities & Graduate Schools’ Championship and a hands on opportunity to show the world of employers.   • Launched in 2015 • Engaged already 100+ campuses • Attracted more than 500 competitors • Gathered 19 countries so far • Convinced 40 europeans employers • Sponsored by innovative brands • Judged by worldwide personnalities • Supported by the European Commission • Fostered 600 Projects & Startups   THE 2017 CHAMPIONSHIP (3RD EDITION) European students are invited to compete for:   * A Best Project Award individually or by team (2-3 people) before the event by submitting 10 slides on a project related to one or several of the 28 topics suggested (in this case attending the event on April 28th is no mandatory) * The Morpheus Cup by team (2-3 people) during one day of innovative challenges and experts games in order to win one or several awards.